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Graduation Celebrations

Seven Epworth seniors at Dreher High School graduated at the end of the school year a few weeks ago!  This represents the 7th consecutive year that 100% of Epworth’s high school seniors have completed high school.  

All graduates were honored at a special church service at Epworth and given a special recognition and gift from the Epworth Alumni Association.  Included in the service was a recognition of two scholarship recipients from the Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Rogers and Meredith Scholarship which provides $5,000 renewable college scholarships to each student.

In addition to our seven high school graduates, two of the current Independent Living students recently completed their study programs, an Associate’s Degree and an adult education GED.  One of our graduates from the Independent Living Center recently moved into her own apartment and the other is staying in the program while he goes back to school to train to be an Emergency Medical Technician.

Almost all high school graduates have a summer job before transferring to Epworth’s Center for Independent Living.  The center is located on Epworth’s second campus (just a mile away) and prepares them for college, career training and workforce readiness. 

On the afternoon of graduation a volunteer group, Milestones for SC, threw our oldest high school residents a party to celebrate. In addition to plenty of great food they were able to relax and enjoy the TopGolf Swing Suites interactive golf and sports simulator.   

Congratulations to all of our graduates!