Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

Local Church Representative

Thank You for all that you do for the children and young adults who reside at Epworth Children’s Home. Without you we would not be able to provide the many services to children in our community that we continue to offer day in and day out. Your support allows Epworth to provide a safe place to live, food, clothing, education, and many more services that they have not received prior to arriving at Epworth.

LCR’s are identified for each United Methodist congregation in the South Carolina Conference. The role of the LCR is to be the face and voice of the children of Epworth Children’s Home for his or her congregation. The LCR is an extension of the Epworth staff and the key story teller. We ask that each church in the conference select one lay person to serve in the capacity of LCR for Epworth. It’s helpful if the person selected has a passion for serving children.

Please ask your minister if your congregation has an LCR for Epworth. If not, perhaps you would consider serving in this ministry? If you would like more information about serving as an LCR, please contact Sherri Mims at smims@epworthsc.org or 803-256-7394.

LCR Training

If you would like to request an LCR training we are happy to host, or to come to you. During the training we will outline LCR duties and provide LCR’s with materials to assist them in their role as the face and voice of the children of Epworth. If you would like to schedule a training, please contact Sherri Mims at smims@epworthsc.org or 803-256-7394. Training materials are linked below

LCR Introduction: Be the Face & Voice

Specific Duties in Regards to Special Epworth Offerings

The United Methodist Conference has designated two special offerings per year for Epworth – Mother’s Day (held on Mother’s Day) and Work Day (held the second Sunday in September). These special offerings are a time to promote children’s ministry through Epworth, and to take a special offering for God’s work through Epworth. Epworth is not an apportioned item and it relies heavily on the offerings received on Mother’s Day and Work Day to provide quality care to the 100 plus individuals who are in Epworth’s care at any given moment.

Approximately eight weeks prior to the offerings, each pastor will receive an email with information for ordering materials for the perspective offering.

  • LCR’s should check in with their pastors to ensure receipt of the offering order information. An email will also be sent to all LCR’s with information to order the materials.
  • Be sure that your church includes all the announcements provided in your church newsletter and bulletins in the weeks leading up to the offering.
  • Use the provided script or write your own script to use the two weeks prior to the offering as a ministry moment in worship.
  • Answer any questions your congregation might have about Epworth and/or call us to find out the answers and report back.

Our thanks to each and every one of our LCR’s for their passion for the children who call Epworth home, because with the help of LCR’s and faithful giving from our churches, Epworth is proud to serve children and young adults by meeting their needs, both small and large.

For more information on our two special offerings click the links below:

Mother’s Day Offering

Work Day Offering

Helpful Links

Plan a Visit – What better way to learn about Epworth than to visit our campus. We often have visitors who say, “I’ve always given to the special offerings but did not know what my contribution went towards until I visited the campus.”

Epworth Stories – Feel free to share the stories of our residents with your congregation, UMW/UMM groups, and Sunday school classes. Each of these stories are actual stories of our residents. *Names have been changed for confidentiality.

Epworth Record – Our quarterly newsletter.

News – Latest information about Epworth.

Videos – An array of videos from our staff about our various programs. We also have videos of our previous residents speaking about all that Epworth has done for them. 

Wish List – A complete list of our current and ongoing needs. Let us know if you would like to host a donation drive through your church. You can receive additional information by contacting us at 803-873-8978.

Resource Closet – The resource closet was created to support Foster Parents, Kinship families and Independent Living youth across the state of South Carolina.