Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205


Epworth Children’s Home employs over 150 hard-working individuals who are dedicated to caring for children.  These employees serve in a variety of capacities including case management, food services, maintenance and direct child care. For more information, please call 803-256-7394.


Epworth Staff Members

Beth Williams, President and CEO

Beth Williams serves as president and chief executive officer of Epworth Children’s Home. Prior to being named CEO, Beth served as the COO of Epworth Children’s Home. She had an integral role in launching the Institute of Child and Family Wellbeing, Epworth’s state-wide comprehensive initiative that serves children and families of South Carolina in immediate need. Her leadership and knowledge have propelled Epworth in growth and new programs.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in counseling studies, Beth has spent her entire career advocating for children and families. She is passionate about working with communities to build and improve programs for children and families. Beth is married to Bob Williams, and they have one daughter, Emily.

Deborah Keller, PQI Director

Farrar Stewart, Chief Administrative Officer

Residential Program & Services
Jessica Warble, Senior Director of Residential Services
Leroy Carter, Weekend Campus Supervisor
Bernadette Cobbs, Residential Services Director
Elizabeth Wilson, Director of Clinical and Case Management Services
Yolandra McInnis, RN, Director of Health Services
Jessica Mearns, Director of Training and Evidence-Based Practices

Tom Parker, Activities Director

Charnetra Wolfe, Admissions Director
Jenn Stanley, Director of Faith Formation and Recreation

Christy Mooneyhan, Director of Academic Achievement

Early Intervention Services
Nikki Happe, Director of Home-Based Early Intervention Services

Rosemary Faile, Director of Preschool Early Intervention Services

Foster Care Program

Kendra Faile, Senior Director of Foster Care

Community-Based Services

Christine Willis Kloot, Senior Director of Community-Based Programs

Centers for Counseling 

Intensive In-Home Services

Paul Potylicki, IIHS Supervisor


Shannon Kerschen, Director of HOMEBUILDERS 

The Institute for Child and Family Well Being
Dr. Amy Mattison-Faye, Director of Clinical Outcomes

Human Resources
Jennifer Gier, Human Resources Manager

Development and Communications
Sherry Beasley, Grant Writer
Lisa Livingston Fusco, Senior Director of Development & Communications
Rev. Kathy James, Director of Church Relations
Sherri Mims, Associate Director of Church Relations/Executive Assistant to the President
Karen Addy,  Communications and Grants Manager 

Sydney Keller, Volunteer Coordinator

Shelby Carmichael, Donor Specialist


Raymond Cuomo, Director of Building and Grounds
Bob Parsons
, Procurement & Materials Coordinator

Sean Douglas, Chief Financial Officer