Residential Services Program

The Residential Services Program is the primary program at Epworth.  The program serves over 180 children each year, with typically 70-80 children residing at Epworth at any given time in 9 different cottages.  It serves children between the ages of four and eighteen come who come to Epworth in one of two ways:

  1. Government Placements – referred by the SC Department of Social Services after being removed from their current home environment for abuse or neglect. Government placements make up an average of 65-75% of Epworth’s residential care population. The State of SC becomes the legal guardian of the child while he/she lives at Epworth.
  2. Private Family Placements – referred a family member or a member of the child’s community, such as a pastor or grandparent. Private placements make up the remaining 25-35% of the residential care population. The current legal guardian maintains custody of the child while he/she lives at Epworth and children can be reunited with the family at the family’s request.

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