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Work Day Appeal

Order Your Work Day Materials

I am writing to alert you that Epworth’s annual Work Day offering through United Methodist congregations is rapidly approaching (Sunday, September, 13th). This offering has been received for decades as church members would pledge a day’s wages to support the children of Epworth.

This year will be much different as many of us are unable to gather for worship as was the case for the Epworth Mother’s Day offering in May. Even though the ways of receiving the offerings has been impaired, the goal is still the same: that each church member contribute a minimum of $6.00. Epworth is not an apportioned item thus the success of these offerings is vital for the support of God’s work through Epworth.

We will not be printing posters or bulletin inserts but we do have offering envelopes for you. I respectfully ask you to give your congregants the opportunity to give by:

  1. Order offering envelopes if you need them (All envelopes are free). If you have the pink Mother’s Day envelopes already on hand you may use them.
  2. Use the graphic that has been emailed to you to promote Work Day.
  3. Use the video that can be accessed by clicking on the link listed here: https://youtu.be/hDHxMf86tTc
  4. Use the bulletin announcement messages several Sunday’s before September 13th to alert your members to the offering.
  5. Work with the Epworth Local Church Representative in your church(s) to determine the best way to promote Work Day this year.
  6. Finally, share the link to our online giving: https://www.epworthchildrenshome.org/give/

You may also use the following links to help promote the Work Day offering to your congregation:

Wishing you the very best and thanking you in advance,



John Holler