CARE Stories

Investing in comprehensive care transforms the life of a child. Epworth has many stories of success and hope. We have captured some of those here and made them available for your to read and share. Please note that names and pictures have been changed for the protection of our children. Check back as stories are added on a regular basis.

  • Children Like Steven

    Steven is the youngest boy in the middle school cottage this year, but he is one of the tallest boys in the cottage.  He is destined to be a very tall and broad-shouldered man one day, but right now he is in the sometimes awkward development stage that accompanies the early teenage years.   Yet his physical appearance is countered by a quiet and soft-spoken personality. Steven came to Epworth last fall from a stressed family system, one where he experienced neglect so severe that he was removed from his home by the Department of Social Services.  The neglect he experienced in his early childhood contributes to his quiet, sometimes withdrawn, nature.   In those first few weeks, he did not bond right away with the other boys in the cottage and you would often see him off by himself. As the weeks went by Steven began to experience the stability of a safe and secure home.  Steven appreciated having plenty to eat (which for a growing teenage boy is a big deal!) and a comfortable place to sleep.  He bonded with his cottage parents who gave him the space to be by himself but continued to encourage him to be more engaged at Epworth and at school. Now months after his arrival, Steven’s growth spurt is still going strong.  Yes, he is still growing taller, but he is also growing in intangible ways.  He has developed close friendships with the other boys and is often seen playing basketball instead of being alone.  His grades are improving, he loves science, and he has a new dream of being a paleontologist when he grows up.  He still has a lot of growth in front of him, but with each day at Epworth he is walking with more confidence into the future. This Mother’s Day, make a generous gift knowing you are a partner with Epworth in transforming the lives of children, children like Steven. Give Online   *Child’s name and photo changed for confidentiality
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  • The Season of Giving

    This Christmas, as you are preparing your gift list, I ask that you remember to include the children who call Epworth home. Children like Amelia.*
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  • Logan’s Family Needed Help Quickly

    ThinkstockPhotos-93267506 Web2
    Logan came to Epworth last summer because within a year, both of his parents lost their jobs and later their home. The family was homeless, jobless and hopeless as they lived out of the family van. As things spiraled out of control, Logan was placed at Epworth.
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  • Ally’s Fresh Start

    Stockphoto - Dinah
    Epworth recently received a phone call from a community member looking for help. The caller informed us that she just found out that a 19 year-old girl, and former foster child, Ally, was homeless.
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  • Back to School

    Little Girl Using a Laptop
    As summer nears its end, I ask you to remember the children of Epworth as they begin a new school year. The Epworth academic program is committed to serving every child who comes to Epworth. For each child we provide them with the clothes and materials needed to be prepared and confident in the classroom from day one and then support them every day throughout the year.
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  • Alton’s Big Week

    Blonde boy smiling at camera in the park on a sunny day
    When Alton first was placed at Epworth, he was very guarded and withdrawn. This type of behavior is typical for a child whose parents have been struggling to provide for a child for some time. His parents needed some time and space to put their lives together, so Alton came to Epworth.
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  • Epworth’s Mother’s Day Offering

    2016 Mothers Day web
    Natalie’s mother struggles with addictions and as a result is not able to care for her daughter. At first, Natalie’s grandmother was able to provide care for Natalie and her three siblings (including one with special needs) but as she entered her teenage years providing for Natalie, the oldest granddaughter, became more difficult.
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  • The Season of Giving

    This Christmas, as you are preparing your gift list, I ask that you remember to include the children who call Epworth home. Children like Ryan.*
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  • Caleb Makes a New Friend

    Caleb’s parents often argued and used vulgar language in front of their son. Over time they moved beyond verbal and emotional abuse, to physical abuse. When the authorities became involved, Caleb was removed from the home by the Department of Social Services and placed at Epworth.
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  • College Move-in Day for Trevor

    Just a few weeks ago, Trevor* rode along in the backseat of the car to begin his second year of college. He had looked forward to college move-in day all summer while living at Epworth and working his part-time job in Columbia.
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