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Logan’s Family Needed Help Quickly

Logan came to Epworth last summer because within a year, both of his parents lost their jobs and later their home.  The family was homeless, jobless and hopeless as they lived out of the family van.  As things spiraled out of control, Logan was placed at Epworth.

It was no surprise that Logan, just eight years old, was traumatized by the destructive cycle his family experienced.  When he first arrived at Epworth he lashed out in anger often and struggled to control his impulses.  He struggled to trust others, especially adults.  He refused to do chores and was defiant when his cottage staff tried to help him adjust to life at Epworth.

Logan’s behaviors were typical of children who have experienced trauma, so the Epworth staff was prepared to provide him the help he needed.   They arranged for him to meet regularly with a counselor and after school, he met with a certified teacher who tutored him in his reading and math skills.  All of the elements of his comprehensive care plan created an environment for Logan to heal and grow.

Today, Logan is thriving at Epworth and starting the third grade.  The defiant and impulsive child from a year ago has transformed into a respectful and joyful little boy.  He recently started helping at the Epworth church each Sunday morning where his favorite job is to be the acolyte.

As his parents put their lives back together, they visit with him regularly.  He and his family are starting Epworth’s family therapy program.   They are working toward a reunification but are taking the time to make sure everything is ready for their future success as a family.

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*Child’s name and photo changed for confidentiality