Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

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Epworth Children’s Home was established in 1895 as Epworth Orphanage by the Methodist people of South Carolina.  To this day, the South Carolina United Methodist Conference remains dedicated to the mission of Epworth.

Epworth is not an apportioned ministry of the Conference, nor does it receive direct funding from the denomination. Two Sundays, Mother’s Day in May and Work Day in September, are designated as Epworth Children’s Home Sundays on which pastors are asked to highlight God’s work through Epworth and receive a special offering for the support of the children of Epworth.

During the calendar year of 2014, $1,682,212.48 was received from and or credited to the 1,007 United Methodist congregations in South Carolina. This total does not include “in kind”  donations or volunteer work.

The per member giving reached $7.19 in 2014, which means the goal of an average gift of at least $6.00 per United Methodist in S.C. was achieved.

On behalf of the staff and the children who live at Epworth, thank you to those who have given and worked so diligently to reach this level of support. This level of congregational support is crucial in providing the best possible care for our children. Epworth continues to welcome children from across South Carolina regardless of the family’s ability to pay. This makes us one of few residential facilities that can serve the children who have the greatest needs.

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