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Tim’s Life After Epworth

A follow-up from the Winter 2013 The Record article,  “Bitter to Better: Breaking the Cycle”

About a year ago Tim* transitioned out of Epworth’s care and into the real world after spending most of his teen years at Epworth.   Like most young adults this step in life was met with a mixture of excitement and anxiety but Tim’s experience at Bitter to Better (Page 5)Epworth had been preparing him for that moment.

As you may remember from the Winter 2013 issue of The Record, Tim came to Epworth from a situation of extreme poverty and neglect but took advantage of the opportunity to transform his life at Epworth.   He finished high school, completed a job training school, learned to drive and even got his own car.

Tim used the guidance and support he received from Epworth in his transition to young adulthood to interview at a number of different job opportunities until his big break finally happened.   He accepted a position with a contracting company who travels around the southeast making repairs to commercial properties.   This secure and steady entry-level job provides him with the income and benefits he needs for independence.

Over the last year, Tim has kept in contact with Epworth.  He loves his job and his life.  He really enjoys traveling around to different cities and towns and especially likes that he can put his mechanical skills to good use.  He even stops by to visit his Epworth family when he is in Columbia.

Tim’s transition to young adulthood is a joy to watch unfold.  This young man whose outlook on life was once very bleak is now living his brighter future.   The destructive cycle is broken in his life.   Equipped with life-skills, an education and career credentials, he is realizing his dream of leading a fulfilling and meaningful life.