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Here at Epworth, we love to celebrate wins. Whether it is honor roll for the first time, learning a new skill, getting a new job or successfully finishing one of our programs, we want to celebrate and cheer for all the good things! Recently, we had a mom and her three children complete the program. Today, we celebrate her.

Upon arrival to the program mom, Anne* was very emotional, anxious, resistant and not trusting of anyone. Anne grew up experiencing life in and out of the foster care system, had been incarcerated and was dealing with severed family connections. Initially, she was totally against staying six months at the facility and it was a daily battle for the Epworth staff of encouraging her that this is a great opportunity for her and her children, and that putting in the work now could change the trajectory of her future.

Through a lot of coaching, modeling, encouragement and spiritual guidance, Anne finally felt a sense of permanency and stability for the first time in a long time. She felt she was able to develop and maintain a consistent level of support in her life for once and she was able to stabilize the chaos that had been around her for so long. With the chaos around her slowing down, Anne was able to develop a sense of trust and family with FCC staff and her DSS caseworker, and was ready to put in the hard work.

After this change of mindset, Anne actively and consistently participated and successfully completed her alcohol/drug treatment with LRADAC, Active Parenting classes, and Life skills modules.  She was able to strengthen her relationship with her children by demonstration/modeling/role playing, life skills, on/off campus activities, planned bonding activities and one-on-one sessions. She actively participated with her children in early intervention and speech therapy services. She was also able to secure employment and stable and suitable housing for herself and her children. The three little ones received weekly classroom time where they were able to learn their alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes and learned to recite nursey rhymes with the loving Epworth staff. It was a safe space for both mom and the children to grow and thrive! Anne and her little ones were observed to have a close-knit and loving bond and upon discharge there were tears of joy and accomplishment by both staff and the family. The family keeps in contact with FCC Staff and they continue to thrive and do well.

The Epworth Family Care Center (FCC) is a unique program for mothers with substance use disorders.  The residential facility supports the mothers with their recovery journey along with their children in a safe, supportive, healthy, and comfortable environment. The mother and children live together while working towards long-term recovery and family reunification. Issues including addiction, abuse, neglect, trauma, parenting skills and child development are addressed through counseling, education and training.

Each family that comes through the FCC receives an individualized comprehensive care plan that addresses emotional, physical, educational, medical and spiritual needs.  The FCC staff creates an environment that transforms lives and builds hopeful futures. Mothers and their children may stay in the FCC for six months as they rebuild their lives and prepare for a successful life of long-term recovery, independence, and a stable family life. For more information on the FCC – click here.

*Stock photo and Name used