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As summer nears its end, I ask you to remember the children of Epworth as they begin a new school year.  The Epworth academic program is committed to serving every child who comes to Epworth.  For each young person we provide them with the clothes and materials needed to be prepared and confident in the classroom from day one and then support them every day throughout the year.

Providing academic support to children who have experienced abuse, neglect and loss takes a daily commitment to give each child the individualized support he or she needs.  Epworth supports each child with the tools necessary to overcome the great challenges in their academic lives.  Below are three such examples.*


Hamilton is in fourth grade and came to Epworth when his mother entered Epworth’s Family Care Center.  Before Epworth, Hamilton was in an unstable environment for much of his life.  Now, with his mother receiving the help she needs to recover and a structured living environment, he is excelling at school.  In fact, his reading scores improved so much over the last year that he will be moved to the advanced class this fall.



Nicole lived an unstable home life before Epworth.  She attended over 10 different schools by the time she reached high school.  She was behind her peers and struggling with school.  Over the last two years, Epworth helped her complete online classes to catch up with her peers.  Epworth’s stablility and support last year enabled her to earn the “A” Honor Roll in her classes at Dreher High School.  This year she is entering her senior year with a lot of post-high school options in front of her.



Maggie graduated from Dreher High School last May.  When she arrived at Epworth nearly four years ago, just completing high school would have been a nearly impossible for her to imagine.  Now, not only has she completed that goal, but she also has been accepted into her college of choice.  She has entered Epworth’s Independent Living Program as she completes her college degree so she can maintain a support system to help her as she becomes the first college student ever in her family.


As we begin a new school year we invite you to consider continuing your support for the care of children at Epworth by making a financial contribution to this life-changing ministry.  Your gift will enable Epworth to help children like Hamilton, Nicole, and Maggie break the cycle of abuse, neglect and shame, and achieve the academic success required to live a life of self respect, responsibility and productivity.



John Holler, President


*Resident names and photos changed to protect their identities