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Epworth Children’s Home
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Admissions FAQ’s

What are the qualifications for acceptance into the program?

Children are accepted on the basis of our perceived ability to assist them. We accept South Carolina residents only, who are able to live with peers in a group setting, children who are able to attend public school, children who do not need psychiatric or substance abuse treatment, and children who are not a threat to themselves or others.

Will I have to give custody of my child to Epworth?

No. Custody of children placed temporarily in our care remains with the parent or guardian.

What will be my role as a parent, if my child is placed into your program?

Parents/guardians are a member of the placement team. We believe that family involvement is an important part of our program. To that effect, parents/guardians are expected to be available, cooperative and supportive. Parents/guardians must also participate in parenting classes and family therapy, gaining additional support and education. These services are offered free of charge.

In order for a placement to be successful, a child must know that their family of origin still cares for them and is invested in their future. We ask that family members remain in contact with a resident, regularly visit the child, and also take the child for off-campus visits. In addition, many families enjoy attending Sunday morning church service with their child, here on campus.

What services do you offer?

Children receive individualized care which could include the following: academic monitoring and educational enrichment programs, health care services coordinated by medical staff, fitness and recreational activities, on-site counseling, spiritual development, life skills training, etc.

Is there a cost for enrolling a child into your program?

Yes, we require a small monthly family contribution for any child/children placed in Epworth’s care. Medicaid insurance covers health care expenses only. 

Who can refer a family to Epworth?

Referrals can be made from any adult who knows a family that is in need of assistance. We receive calls from pastors, clinical staff, school officials, family members, friends, etc. However, to continue with the admissions process, a physical application can only be accepted from a parent/guardian.

How do I submit an application?

Applications can be mailed to Epworth Children’s Home, ATTENTION: Admissions Dept, PO Box 50466, Columbia, SC 29250 or applications can be submitted via fax to (803) 748-2815.

What happens once I submit an application?

The application will be reviewed for completion. You will be contacted to discuss the next step(s) in the application process which could include Epworth requiring additional information and/or Epworth could offer an interview to the family, to better gauge the appropriateness of a potential client(s).

What happens if my application is declined?

You will be notified of the reason for the declination. Epworth will also provide a written list of referrals to other agencies for services.

How long can a child remain at Epworth?

The case manager and the family work together to develop the plan of care and goals, for a child at Epworth. This plan and is reviewed regularly. A child will be transitioned back home once the case manager and family feel that the goals and purpose of the placement have been achieved. A child can also be discharged by the parent/guardian, at anytime during the program. A child can also be discharged by Epworth for having made no progress or due to a serious violation.

*The above listing represents frequently asked questions. If you did not see your question answered here, are unsure if your child would qualify, and/or if you would like to have a pre-screening, please contact the Admissions Department at (803) 212-4778 for additional assistance.