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Overnight Awake Family Care Specialist

JOB SUMMARY: The Family Care Center Overnight Awake Staff’s primary duty is to monitor the Family Care Center clients to ensure they are sleeping and in their rooms to maintain a safe environment.  To remain awake and attentive throughout sleep hours to ensure clients are in their rooms sleeping/resting and the environment is secure. Monitor client progress, identify client needs, and maintain all required documentation according to established guidelines.  Learn and apply the C.A.R.E. practice model, Epworth policies and procedures, and state regulations to child care, cottage life, activities, and interactions with residents, other staff, supervisors, and the public at large.  


  • Bachelor’s Degree in human service field, or
  • Two (2) year Associate Degree in Human Service field and two (2) years experience in working with children or adolescents, or
  • Significant life experience in working with children and adolescents (i.e. group residential counselor, church/youth experience, camp counselor, etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to use sound discretion and judgment in developing and implementing decisions


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Welcoming demeanor that is non-threatening to children
  • Demonstrates the ability to learn and to practice teamwork; patient and compassionate
  • Understands and respects the necessity for confidentiality
  • Positive and calm presence in all situations
  • Demonstrated ability to use sound discretion and good judgment in developing and implementing decisions. 
  • Must be able to pass standard background checking, including: drug screen, employment physical, SLED, DSS Central Registry, and Sex Offenders Registry.
  • Has a belief system and engages in faith practices that are compatible with those of the United Methodist Church.

Available position hours are: Monday – Friday 10:30pm-6:30am

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and resume to the Human Resources Office:
Human Resources
PO Box 50466
Columbia, South Carolina 29250

or by email to jobs@epworthsc.org