Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

Part Time Early Intervention Preschool Teacher

Job Description: Under regular supervision, performs duties to assure that the classroom environment is clean and safe.  Assists the teachers with supervision of the children in the Epworth Early Intervention Preschool. Some duties include:

  • Prepares morning snack for the children.
  • Sets up classroom for circle and snack time activities at the appropriate times.
  • Washes and sterilizes dishes, bibs, toys, etc. as per DHEC regulations and instructions from teachers.
  • Cleans the classrooms, bathroom and kitchen daily.
  • Assists in the supervision and developmental interventions with the children as per instructions of the teachers.


  • High School diploma, certificate or equivalent.
  • Previous training and/or work experience in preschool classroom.
  • Must be able to pass standard background checks:  SLED, DSS Central Registry, Sex Offenders Registry, employment physical, and drug test.
  • Has a belief system and engages in faith practices that are compatible with those of the United Methodist Church.
Required Skills: 
  • Honest and dependable.
  • Positive and kind in interactions with children, parents and co-workers
  • Able to follow instruction.
  • Accepting of Supervision.
Hours for this position are Monday – Friday 8am – 11:30am.
Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and resume to the Human Resources Office:
Human Resources
PO Box 50466
Columbia, South Carolina 29250

or by email to jobs@epworthsc.org