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Your Epworth offering helps children like Sierra


Before Sierra arrived at Epworth, she was caught in the midst of a destructive cycle. Her mother struggled with substance
abuse and neglected her. The neglect became so evident that the Department of Social Services removed Sierra from her mother’s care and placed the ten-year-old girl with her step-father. After a few months her step-father, who was on disability and was not used to being in a parental role, realized that he was unprepared to raise Sierra by himself. He reached out for help and placed Sierra in Epworth’s care.2015 Work Day sq

The turmoil of these early years was evident when Sierra first arrived at Epworth. The years of neglect by her mother and struggles with her step-father created the need for Sierra to take care of herself. When staff attempted to help her or give her direction, she would erupt in emotional outbursts. She would often run outside in anger, climb a tree and refuse to come down.

After recognizing her individual needs, the Epworth staff included in her comprehensive care plan metho
ds to improve her emotional well -being. Counseling sessions, a volunteer mentor to give her additional one on one attention, and planned activities with her peers to improve her social skills were all crucial components.

As the months passed, Sierra’s behavior began to improve and her emotional outbursts faded away. She did well in school, developed close friendships and showed respect to the cottage staff. As her emotional health stabilized, Epworth added family therapy with her step-father, with hopes of reunification.

Your support of the annual Epworth Work Day Offering helps children like Sierra. As a private placement, 100% of her stay is funded by donations. All of these services are provided to Sierra and her family because of faithful and generous people, like you. Your gift today will help transform Sierra’s life and the lives of other children who will call Epworth home this year.