Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

Campus Projects

landscape-sqWith 32 acres and 25+ buildings, there are campus projects of all sizes and abilities that are needed to keep campus feeling like home for our residents.

Epworth maintains a list of special needs projects for the campus. These projects include improvements such as minor building repairs, painting, remodeling, landscaping, etc. Tools are provided as we are able, materials are provided by the volunteer group. On campus housing may be available for extended projects.

At various points throughout the year, additional administrative assistance is needed.  Tasks include assembling Mother’s Day Offering packets for congregations, organizing welcome boxes for new residents, and other hands-on projects.

Looking for a longer term project?

Cottage/Building Caretakers: Groups or individuals who maintain the landscaping and outer appearance of buildings on campus. Each Caretaker unit is matched with one or more buildings on campus. The estimated annual expense to the Caretaker each year is between $500-$1,500. Tools are provided as we are able. Commitment: 1 year and a minimum of a once a month spot check.

Missions at Epworth:  Groups from congregations travel to Epworth to do a “mission trip.”  Read more.