Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer certification requirements vary depending on the area of service. Requirements are also outlined in our information packet linked below.


Requirements if Volunteering to Work Directly with Epworth Residents (as Cottage Partners)

Other Great Individual and Group Volunteer Opportunities 

You or your organization, business or church group can also volunteer to help with landscaping, special events, Epworth resource closets, fundraisers, facility repairs and improvements, and other much needed projects that do not involve direct contact with our residents. If you’re interested in performing this type of volunteer work, please have each volunteer submit a Volunteer Application


If your group would like to complete a project, your group coordinator must also submit a Volunteer Activity Request Form. If you would like to discuss your idea with our volunteer coordinator before submitting your project idea, contact her at brobinson@epworthsc.org or  803-256-7394. 


Guidelines and Campus Map

Volunteer Forms