Epworth Children's Home

Epworth Children’s Home
2900 Millwood Ave
Columbia SC 29205

Volunteering With Children

March 15 Care Story -sqFor many children at Epworth, positive relationships with adults have been rare in their childhoods.  Volunteers provide caring and compassionate relationships to help residents heal and experience joy.

Volunteers work directly with residents as:


  • Cottage Partners – Groups or individuals matched to an entire cottage of children. Events and visits may be scheduled at the comfort and frequency level of the Cottage Partner.
    Commitment: At least 3 contacts per year.


  • Faith Formation Leaders – Groups or individuals that assist with worship, teach and lead Sunday School, bible study, and youth group activities.
    Commitment: 1 year (school year) or one session.


Epworth requires that volunteers meet extensive requirements to volunteer directly with our residents.  Please reference volunteer requirements for more detailed information.


In a Volunteer’s Own Words

“The children at Epworth are loving children who were dealt a difficult hand in the game of life. They did not ask for the challenges they have faced however sadly they are part of their lives. In getting to personally know the children through my volunteer work, I have come to respect them in so many ways for their strength and perseverance. In their eyes you can still see hope when there could be darkness.I have witnessed the most remarkable transformations at Epworth. The children typically arrive with a host of negative thoughts, opinions, behaviors and emotions. In time, they slowly begin to trust the process set in place by the amazing staff, mentors and volunteers that encircle their lives. Their world becomes brighter, more consistent and finally feels safe. They begin to blossom in front of your eyes.Remarkably, when the children become part of the Epworth family they become determined to not let their challenges shape their future. This change of heart can only be the work of God.Epworth cannot change the children’s past circumstances but it CAN and DOES positively impact their outcome. From a volunteer perspective, Epworth truly works miracles in the hearts and minds of their children. I am proud to serve this organization and adore the children that call it home.”

Heather H. Rogers, Epworth Volunteer