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Epworth Children’s Home
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Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing

We are excited to announce the launch of Epworth’s new Institute! The experience and knowledge gained through Epworth’s 120-year ministry enables us to see firsthand emerging changes in the landscape of child welfare and to plan effectively to meet the needs of children and families in the future.  Epworth is now working to further fulfill its mission through the establishment of the Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing.

The Institute will comprise of many centers of excellence for each of these immediate needs in our state and will be headquartered on the recently acquired second Epworth campus, the former campus of Carolina Children’s Home in Columbia.  In cooperation with the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, the Pan-Methodist Campaign for Children in Poverty (six denominations, collaborating to challenge, strengthen and enable congregations and other organizations across the state to establish a variety of services available to children at risk to poverty), and other partners, the Institute will have a service footprint in cities and communities across the state of South Carolina.

Centers of Excellence Working Together

Our new Institute is designed to meet immediate needs in South Carolina.  Among the proposed centers of excellence include:

  • The Center for Family Engagement 
    Recruit, license, train, and support strong foster families.  Support kin caregivers and biological and adoptive families in need.  (Columbia location established in 2017, Charleston hub established August 2019, other locations to follow.)
  • The Center for Independent Living
    Expand the capacity of, and increase the service array of the currently highly successful Higher Education program at Epworth
  • The Epworth Center for Counseling
    Help both children and adults overcome the effects of grief, loss, and trauma.
  • The Epworth Family Care Center
    Provide for mothers and children during difficult transitions while remaining together.
  • The Comprehensive Assessment and Referral Center
    Assess children, youth, and families in a comprehensive way by employing appropriate assessment methods and instruments.
  • The Center for Continuing Education
    Coordinate and offer training and continuing education for practitioners and professionals working in the child and family welfare arena.
  • The Epworth Early Intervention Center
    Serve preschool age children with developmental delays through an on-campus and community-based components; expand to a full day preschool and resource center for children with developmental delays and their parents. 
  • The Center for Family Empowerment
    Work in cooperation with community agencies and organizations across the state and elevate the educational, health, family stability, community services, and support structure levels.
  • The Center for Social Enterprise
    Partner with other organizations to give Epworth clients opportunities to learn positive work practices and enable clients to experience hands-on entrepreneurial experiences. (Project #1: Epworth Ice Cream)

Epworth plans to roll-out services as needs are identified and resources are secured through the Every Child Is a Miracle financial campaign. Epworth will continue to strengthen its residential programs while serving children, youth and families across the state in innovative new ways.